Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Can Can

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Part 2 of Challenge 2 Nature

The third subject was nature. Well I was on a field trip with my daughter Brinn at the zoo, and of course how could I not take animal pictures. So here are my flamingos. I love these birds. Alsways have. Even went through the obsessive everything must have flamingos thing, but that's another story. I took my 55-250 lens for the day, this way I could get as close as possible. I love the colors and shading in the feathers. This one I want to figure out how to do the main bird in just color and everything else black and white. Okay so you have to love this Gorilla, got call him "The Thinker". Wonder what he's thinking, about they were so funny to watch.

Challenge 2 Patriotic and Water

So part of this challange was a Patriotic subject. This was fun. Where I live they have a little parade in our Park. There are a few WW2 veterens, and they come out to salute the flag, and we all come out to honor our soliders and veterens that protect our country, and celebrate our freedom. I loved this picture of this little one pusshing her very patriotic lit'l tykes car.
This Flag flys above the club house. This was my first attempt and changing the look of my photo's in Photoshop Elements 6. I'm totally a newbie with this program, so this simple change of removing the sky and adding the black, was a huge accomplishment. I'm not telling how long it took me to figure out. I really do love the way it turned out though.
This is one for water. This is the fountaing infront of our clubhouse. I just kept playing with the settings until I got the shot I liked.
This water shot I know it's not close up, but I used my TV setting on my camera to blur the water, and then did some color adjustments in PE6 to get pump up the color. This was take at the San Francisco Zoo.
So for the tip. Hm just get in there and experiment with your editing program, see what you can do. If you don't like it it's not permanent just reset.

Challenge 1 more photos.

Music was the next part of Challenge 1. I listen to most of my music in the car, as you can see the buttons are well worn in 5 year old car. I love my in dash 6 cd changer. So this is music to me. One of the things I learned from this shot, was that I have to beaware of reflections, and lighting. This is definately a learning shot.

Okay so what is this, well the third topic tea. So this is how I make ice tea. Again the lighting, but I like the color variation in the tea, and the detail.
And of course the finished product. My hubby is finding my new photo subjects a bit strange. This one I put down a piece of scrapbook paper. and my orange straw. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out.

So my tip as a beginner, don't be afraid to take multiple shots from multiple angles. Don't forget to have fun, and remember to have fun.

Challange 1 Continued

So here are more feet. These of course of Monkey Feet. I took these following pictures as I followed along as a wait lister, on the photography challenge on the forum. I'm learning about what my camera to do, and taking pictures of things I never considered. I love the detail in the fur, and the bark. Also I just thought his feet were cool.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A challange picture.

FEET! Yep these are my feet. I took this picture of my feet as they were flying through the air on the swings at Great America. I Like the fact you can see the motion in the background. As for a tip well I don't really have one except that when you do these pictures in the air make sure your camera is secure, and don't look backwards while your moving it makes you queasy.

Meet the Family

This is our family in May at Brinn's school Fun Fest. Brinn in the front Brett on the left and me on the right. Got to love the matching shirts.
This is one of the first pics I took with my new Canon Rebel, I'm not sure what about it is I like about it but I just like. Brinn is just so relaxed it's the last day of school, she's got on her favorite clothes, and eating her favorite snack. Totally unaware of the camera

I'm trying out the adding photos thingy.

I'd like you to meet my furry child, and constant shadow Nakita. Isn't she cute. She's around 5 we think. We adopted her from the pound. She's an extremely unique breed Weiner Pit. Or Daschund, Chihuahua, and Red Nose Pitbull. Don't ask we don't know how it happened.

Happy Fourth of July

So today is a bit of a different fourth for us. Brinn has gone camping with our friends, lucky girl, and Brett went to do some side work this morning. So I was on my own. Well at the mobile home park where we live they have a Fourth of July celebration in the morning. So I decided to take my camera and head down there. The assignment to take Patriotic pictures. So I put on my telephoto lens for the first time and played with it. I'll share the pics that turn out.

What caught me off guard was watching the WW2 vets we still have here that live in the park. They have such pride and joy when they look at the flags, that were all around us. One man read a poem about what the flag stood for, and he was very emotional. It made me emotional too, we forget how lucky we are to live here. How free we really are. Our country has it's problems but I would still rather live here while God keeps me in this world than any other place.