Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Challenge 2 Patriotic and Water

So part of this challange was a Patriotic subject. This was fun. Where I live they have a little parade in our Park. There are a few WW2 veterens, and they come out to salute the flag, and we all come out to honor our soliders and veterens that protect our country, and celebrate our freedom. I loved this picture of this little one pusshing her very patriotic lit'l tykes car.
This Flag flys above the club house. This was my first attempt and changing the look of my photo's in Photoshop Elements 6. I'm totally a newbie with this program, so this simple change of removing the sky and adding the black, was a huge accomplishment. I'm not telling how long it took me to figure out. I really do love the way it turned out though.
This is one for water. This is the fountaing infront of our clubhouse. I just kept playing with the settings until I got the shot I liked.
This water shot I know it's not close up, but I used my TV setting on my camera to blur the water, and then did some color adjustments in PE6 to get pump up the color. This was take at the San Francisco Zoo.
So for the tip. Hm just get in there and experiment with your editing program, see what you can do. If you don't like it it's not permanent just reset.


Jane said...

GREAT the close-up of the flag!!!

Sandie Dunn said...

Now that's patriotic! Hahaha! Too cute! Great water shots too!

Tonya said...

very very cool!