Saturday, November 8, 2008

Challenge 7

Okay it's time once again for the Photo Challenge 7. This time our subjects were pictures below the waist, our favorite things, and black and white. So right now I have one picture of one of my favorite things, and that's my birthday cake. Not because it's my birthday, but the type of cake. Carrot Cake yummy. No I did not turn 8 ;) it was the only candle we had in the house that could go on the cake. I'll have to add some more later, but most of my favorite things are food.

Now these photos are for the waist down photos. These are actually pictures from my daughter's walk a thon. I'm not sure why they call it a walk a thon, because the kids always run. Anyway. There is one of one of the students getting their lap marked off by the teacher.
The next one is a group of our 4th graders after the event. My daughter is the one in the orange shorts. She's got long legs like mommy, although hers are cuter. Anyway they ran hard, and we just found out took the Golden Shoe award, for
raising the most money per student.
No black and white photos at this time. Sorry just haven't been out and about and was consumed with making a costume for my daughter. So I didn't get out much.
I don't have any real tips, I'm still trying to figure out how my camera works. Thanks for stopping by.