Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

So today is a bit of a different fourth for us. Brinn has gone camping with our friends, lucky girl, and Brett went to do some side work this morning. So I was on my own. Well at the mobile home park where we live they have a Fourth of July celebration in the morning. So I decided to take my camera and head down there. The assignment to take Patriotic pictures. So I put on my telephoto lens for the first time and played with it. I'll share the pics that turn out.

What caught me off guard was watching the WW2 vets we still have here that live in the park. They have such pride and joy when they look at the flags, that were all around us. One man read a poem about what the flag stood for, and he was very emotional. It made me emotional too, we forget how lucky we are to live here. How free we really are. Our country has it's problems but I would still rather live here while God keeps me in this world than any other place.

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